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Revenge killing in Delhi, body cut into 13 pieces

A youth was beaten to death in Delhi, Geetha colony by his friends on Thursday night. Later to conceal the crime they cut the body into 13 pieces with a machete. However, five youths were arrested by police on Friday early morning in which a minor is also included. Four pieces of the victim’s body are recovered by the cues given by the alleged

According to police sources, the crime plot was brewing for about three years when the prime accused Amandeep Singh aka Chinnu was slapped by the Sonu following a ruffle suspecting Sonu as a police informant which led to Chinnu’s arrest. Chinnu after three years conspired with his friends and beat Sonu to death.

The victim Sonu 22 was taken to a nearby crematorium by the gang and had a liquor party on Thursday night. Later they started beating Sonu with sticks till he died and with a machete chopped him to 13 pieces. The Body parts were disposed of in the Yamuna-STM office area. Sonu’s family started the search when he was missing till Friday night and complained to the police. Poice on inquiry questioned Sonu’s friends and the crime was disclosed.


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