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‘Who was DGP in 2011?’: Former DGP T.P.Senkumar digs at CPM on Koodathayi  serial murder case

Former DGP T.P.Senkumar has today digged at ruling CPM on the Koodathai serial murder case. In a post shared on his Facebook page the former DGP has raised question against former DGP Jacob Punnoose who was close to CPM.

The former DGp also referred to the news that a local CPM leader has got relation with Jolly, the prime accused in the case. A CPM local committee secretary has helped Jolly to fabricate fake documents and had received money for it. The CPM has expelled him from all party posts on today.

In Koodathai, Jolly  has killed six people of afamily by poisoning. She has waited around 14 years to kill her husband, in-laws and her second husband’s wife and kid.

Read T.P.Senkumar’s Full Facebook Post:[0]=68.ARDTWEVzD6kbOoDIvf97BmLRV9UypoSfUcDXQpg0jgTJdQPIdUcRYuiR1QwRMCm85KqCyyNPq3a8vUiay6Tf1yHu7MJ-bfFwAzeYrhs9YCKD1p5TrLU55erjwJC3IFXMNRv0uAvaalvMqnjTML7NujTGen7vwH_A9DP44t7H8wFgZR5G0DUbra8xyCvcmlmrgBeTVGuAGOg8gX5SPccnpk8CbqbvPMQY8vtmvgAVh0kQnnDagYERcR1ZaDgHTTfOzOOW_eUsnJY9fR7tqOIDwvJiPyRzAkqTUqO6Z16KH15o_jbdCh2Q6xE-mo2vW97lvIxlQ_JnvnaRSwA1POg&__tn__=-R


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