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This year salaries will increase in UAE and India

A survey has revelaed that 2/3 of the UAE residents are expecting a salary increment this year. The survey conducted by ‘Yallacompare’ has revealed this. The survey has conducted among 1200 UAE residents.

According to a report Saudi Arabia is expected to see the highest salary hike in 2019. THe inflation rate is anticipated to increase by 2.3% and salaries are expected increase by 4.9% giving a salary increase of 2.6%. Kuwait ranks second in the region with a salary hike of 3.8% and inflation rate of 1.6%. So the actual salary hike will be 2.2%.

In India this year inflation rate is predicted to be 5% and a salary hike of 10% is expected. So the salary hike in actual will be 5%.


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