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Violent protests on Lebanan as government imposes taxes on FB and Whatsapp,PM Hariri comes-up with new reform budget:

Lebanon which is already brimming an economic meltdown with heavy debts amounting to 150% of GDP and an unemployment rate of 40-45% is now gripped in violent protests.

The riots are spurred by reformative measures of the government which in turn slapped additional burden on to people with heavy taxes on essential commodities and social media applications like FaceBook and Whatsapp. The riots turned more violent as taxes were imposed on FB messenger and whatsapp from 17 October.The government postponed the implementation of taxes after the riots and some ministers of the cabinet also had resigned.

Meanwhile Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced a wide-ranging reform package Monday in an attempt to quell Lebanon’s largest popular protests in 14 years.The plan includes a 2020 budget targeting a deficit of 0.6% of GDP and halving the cabinet ministers salaries.All new taxes were exempted from the reformed budget.


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