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You will throw away your razor after knowing these benefits of ‘facial hair’

Month of November is known as ‘ Shave November’. It is a movement originated in Australia in 2003. It was started by Hill family. The movement aims at showing support to cancer patients and to raise awareness about the disease by not shaving for a month.

But growing facial hair has other benefits too. Here are some of the health benefits of growing facial hair.

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1. Sun Protection: Facial hair act as a modest shield against the harmful rays from Sun. The facial hair will protect the skin underneath it. Studies reveal that beard can block 95% of sunlight.

2. Anti Ageing: Beard also preserves the youthfulness of the skin. As beard protects the skin from harmful Ultra-Violet Rays from sun the skin will stay younger for longer.

3. Act as Filtrate System: Moustache function as a low-key filtration system. The moustache keeps stray dust particles, germs and other debris from entering your nose.

4. Protection from Cold: Beards and moustache can keep cold away. The facial hair can help trap body heat from escaping and thus keep body warm.

5. Keeps Bacteria Away: Beards and moustache act as a mini filtration system. It keeps germ and bacteria away.


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