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Check this advisory before giving tips at restaurants

Giving tips at restaurants is considered to be an act of generosity. But now Saudi government has come with an advisory on giving tips in the country to tourists and other people vising the country.

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) has urged foreign tourists that paying extra money or tips to service providers is not mandatory in the Kingdom. Giving tips is discretionary and solely depend upon the personal choice of the person and is not imperative said the Commission.

In Saudi Arabia nobody should be compelled to give hefty tips as it is not mandatory in the country, emphasized Commission.

The SCTNH also asked all foreign tourists to follow the travel guidelines issued by the government titled ‘Behavioral conduct of the tourists coming from outside’. The guideline asks all tourists to dress modestly in public places, bans taking photos of Saudi men, women and children without their consent, to respect religion, social norms, tradition and customs.


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