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Gold and diamond covered iPhone 11 launched: Know the price

A  luxury phone customizing company has launched a gold plated iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 has been gold-and-diamond covered.

The customized version is named ‘Solarius’. The customized version of iPhone is launched by ‘Caviar’, a company known for luxury iPhone customization.

The company has used half a kilo of gold and 132 diamonds, with a luxury watch mounted on the back that comes with a very expensive tourbillon. Within the watch itself nests a yellow diamond.

The company informed that the design symbolizes “the eternal life that the Sun gives to our planet”.

Cheaper variants start at $8,100, symbolizing other celestial bodies. Caviar claims that some of these models contain real fragments of Mars, the moon and a meteorite which are supposedly certified by the Expert Gemological and Mineralogical Consultation of the Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The gold and diamond covered iPhone 11 is priced Dh 257,000 .


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