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Ayodhya Verdict:’The board has no plan to challenge Supreme Court’s verdict’, says Sunni Waqf Board

The Sunni Central Waqf Board made it clear that they will take decision on whether to accept the 5-acre land for building a mosque in Ayodhya on November 26. The decision will taken in a general body meeting which will be held at November 26.

” Board’s general body meeting is expected on November 26 in which it would be decided whether to take five-acre land as directed by the Supreme Court or not”, said Zufar Farooqi, the chairman of Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf board.


” The meeting was earlier scheduled on November 13 but it was postponed and is now expected on November 26.I am getting diverse views on taking the land but I personally feel negativity can be won only with positivity”said Farooqi.

” We will decide whether we will take it or not. If the Board decides to take land in its meeting, we will decide how it is to be taken and what will be its condition. We welcome the Supreme Court verdict in the case. The Board has no plans to challenge it. The Board has last month proposed withdrawing claim on the disputed land with some conditions in national interest”, Farooqi said.


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