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Kuwait deported 18,000 expats including 5000 Indians

As per the documents released by Home Ministry of Kuwait around 5000 Indian expats were deported this year until September 30. A total of 18,000 expats were were deported from Kuwait. Out of this, 6000 are women.

The reason for the deportation include violation of the law of residence and work, infectious diseases, involvement in criminal cases, in addition to traffic violations, and other cases.

Indians lead the number of immigrants who have been deported, followed by Bangladeshis (2,500) and Egyptians (2,200). 2,100 Nepalis, 1,700 Ethiopians, 1,400 Syrians and 1,200 Filipinos have also been deported.

The report also stated that only 50 men and 8 women are currently in deportation center and are in process to be deported,

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