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Mohanlal’s ‘Big Brother’ thrashes a record held by Mammootty’s ‘Mamangam’

Mohanlal is biggest crowd puller in the malayalam film industry and this is a undoubtable fact. The biggest hits of the Malayalam film industry are in his name. Now adding to the group of records Mohanlal has added just another one too. ‘Big Brother’ a yet to release Mohanlal film directed by veteran director Siddique has created this record.

Big Brother has broken the record held by Mammootty’s career-hype film ‘ Mamangam’. Mamangam is the highest budget film of Mammootty will be released on December 12 has bagged the record of non-GCC overseas right. Now this has taken by Big Brother. This has been officially declared by the overseas distribution team.

Managam has broken the record held by Mohanlal’s Lucifer which was the first Malayalam movie to gross 50 crores from overseas market alone. But just after a some days the record is again taken by Mohanlal’s film.

The non-GCc right of Mamankam was $.127,0000 and Big Brother has surpassed it. Big Brother will be distributed in Europe, USA and other non-Gcc market by Cybersystems, Vingles and Tricolor Entertainments.

Big Brother will be released on January 16. Mohanlal’s film directed by Priyadarshan named Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham has the record of getting highest amount for GCC rights. The film has bagged Rs.8 crore as GCC rights.

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