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“No judiciary can touch me. I am param Shiva”: Rape accused Nithyananda challenges: Watch video

The absconding self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda has challenged the Indian judicial system by sharing a viral video. The self- styled godman who is accused in criminal cases like rape, abduction and sexual abuse is now in South-America.

He has bought a island near Ecuador and has set up a nation named ‘Kailaasa’. Ecuador has on Friday informed that they have not given him asylum.

A video which is now roaming all over internet the self-styled godman can be heard saying ” I will show my integrity to you by revealing the reality and truth to you. Now nobody can touch me, I can tell you the truth – I am param Shiva. Understand? no stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth. I am Param Shiva. By being here you declared your integrity and allegiance to me. I promise you, no more death for you all”.

The Gujarat police is searching him for a case of kidnapping and wrongful confinement of children in ashram in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat police has approached Interpol to issue a blue corner notice against him. The government has on Friday cancelled his passport ands rejected his application for a fresh one.



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