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“We are going to hunt each and every such illegal Bangladeshi”, claims BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain

BJP national leader Syed Shahnawaz Hussain claimed that the union government will hunt down every illegal Bangladeshi migrants. Shahnawaz Hussain said this in a press conference in Goa.

“If there is a Bangladeshi who lives in Assam and he travels to Goa, will he be safe? We are going to hunt each and every such illegal Bangladeshi,” Hussain said.

“If the Congress has the courage, then it should clarify if they want the Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to be added to this Act? Is that what the Congress wants? First they have to clear their stand,” he added.

“The Congress is responsible and behind the events at Jamia university and AMU (Aligarh Muslim University). The Congress is actually organising these protests without using the Congress flag. Those who are protesting do not know why they are protesting,” Hussain said.

“In the whole country, the idea is being spread that the CAA is against Muslims. It is not against Muslims who stayed back and call India their motherland and embrace India. Nobody can exile such a Muslim,” he said.


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