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” Citizenship Amendment Act is immoral, a wise government would withdraw it” says historian Ramachandra Guha

Renowned historian Ramachandra Guha who on Thursday booked by Karnataka police for protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act said the act is ‘immoral and against the spirit of the Indian constitution’.

” To make two things absolutely clear.
1. The immediate withdrawal of the NRC is a necessary first step to restore trust and heal the nation.

2. The CAA is immoral and against the spirit of the Constitution. A wise and just government would withdraw it too”, Ramachandra Guha tweeted.

The eminent historian and writer also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce that there is going to be no NRC.

” The Prime Minister must immediately announce that there is going to be no National Register of Citizens. That simple and single announcement will do more to restore peace and trust than anything else. The country needs a healing touch and from the top”, Guha said on micro-blogging website Twitter.


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