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Tiger is back from verge of extinction in the country: Details inside

The number of tigers in the country is increasing. The big cat which is also the National Animal of the country is bouncing back from the verge of extinction. Data released by the Environment Ministry has revealed this.

As per the last Tiger Census in 2018 the number of tigers in the country is 2967. In  Terai  in Uttarkhand there were 119 tigers. The number of tigers in Terai  in 2014 was only 79.

India’s wild tiger population has increased by more than 30% in four years, raising hopes for the survival of the endangered species.

A census found there were 2,967 tigers, up from 2,226 four years ago. In 1900 more than 100,000 tigers were there in the earth. But on 2010 the number of tigers has fallen to 3200.



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