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Drinking pattern of Keralites changed : Keralites give up ‘Rum’ and embrace ‘Brandy’

Keralites has give up their most preferred liquor ‘Rum’ and started to embrace ‘Brandy’. This was revealed by the sales figures of Kerala State Beverages Corporation. The market share of brandy has been increasing in the state.

As per the sales figures brandy is steadily grabbing the market. This indicates that the drinking pattern of Keralites has changed. Rum was one of the most popular and most prefered liquor of Kerala.


But the market share of Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Wine has not increased. Up to 2010 Rum was the major liquor brand in the Kerala market. Rum has accounted for about 52% of the market share till 2010. But now rum stands at 43%.

But the market share of Brandy has increased and now it is at 51%. Vodka, gin, and whiskey together accounts for only 6% of sales. Whiskey alone has market share of 4% and others together constitute 2%.


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