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Driver imposed with jail term and Dh.600,000 blood money

Abu Dhabi COurt of First Instance has sentenced one year jail term and Dh.10,000 fine for a driver who caused the death of four people due to his rash driving.

The court also asked to surrender his driving licence for one year. The accused must also pay Dh.600,000 blood money to the families of the victim. The accused must pay blood money of Dh200,000 to the family of each of the two male victims and Dh100,000 to each the families of the female victims.

As per the court records the man was driving recklessly and at a high speed. Later he lost control of his vehicle and crashed with another vehicle. All the four people in that vehicle including two women and two men died.

The accused was charged with h causing the death of four people in a traffic accident, reckless driving, illegal racing on the road, driving in a manner that would harm others, and damaging public property.

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