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Weird royal traditions that could have made Meghan Markle sick to flee the palace

The royal lifestyle of the inhabitants of the British palaces- Buckingham, Kensington, Windsor Castle, and the Holyrood house maybe reminiscing of a fairy tale romance. But apart from the fashionable drapes, tiaras and clutches it also bears heavy with paparazzi, tedious royal tours and to top all of it, weird royal customs that don’t go down well with all.

The recent declaration by Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Williams that they are stepping back from the royal family was quite a stir both in British and international media. Meghan hailing from a non-royal family was reported many times by the British media breaching the royal traditions. The royal family is meant to follow these protocols at all times alike-waking or asleep. Some of them are weird like a royal is not supposed to wear sweatpants, they are not allowed to eat shellfish and not to sleep before ‘Her Majesty, The Queen ‘is asleep! The 92-year-old is also known to have sleep disorders and she retreats very late, after midnight to bed. Meghan Markle could just have reached her tip-off point in keeping up with these traditions.

Only a daredevil of the royal family, the charismatic Princess Diana- who won the title ‘queen of the hearts’, managed to breach some of these laws of the palace. She would excuse herself from the royal gathering when she felt tired and curl-up in her bedroom.


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