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Husband requests a sword fight with wife, before the court’s judgement on divorce

A husband in Kansas US had a rather rational appeal before a court which hears the couples divorce plea.

The husband David Ostrom requests permission for a fencing duel with his wife Bridgett Ostrom, before whatever judgment the court makes on their divorce. David Ostrom writes in his petition, “My former wife Bridgett Ostrom had destroyed me legally, Her attorney Matthew Hudson has misbehaved with me. Before the judgment, I request a sword fight with my wife,” David also had asked for an interval of 12 weeks to find a good saber for the duel and to get enough practice for both of them.

In order to strengthen his awkward appeal, David had also referred to UN regulations on judgment on par with success in war. He claims UN regulations allow settling of disputes based on the outcome of a war.
Supporting his claim he also listed a case that happened in 1818 Britain, in which the opposing parties were ordered to fight, to help the court arrive at a judgment.

David had offered Bridgette an option to send her attorney Matthew Hudson to the sword fight to delegate her. The court had not responded to David Armstrong’s plea till now.


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