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Indian Army successfully test-fired ‘Sharang 155 mm gun’

The Indian Army has successfully test-fired the ‘Sharang’ 155 mm gun. The test fire was conducted at Long Proof Range (LPR) firing range of Khamaria in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

The ‘Sharang 155 mm gun’ is developed in India. The high calibre gun has fire power of 39 km. The 155mm/45 calibre artillery gun, Sharang will be supplied to Indian Army by Gun Carriage Factory and Ordnance Factory.

The Sharang is a upgraded version of Russian gun Soltam. The induction of Sharang will bolster the Army’s combat abilities along the lines of the ‘Soltam-155’ guns manufactured by Russia. The weapon has been upgraded successfully from its previous specification of 130 mm to 155 mm.

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