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Models to ramp walk at Mt.Everest base camp 6000 m above sea level at -40 degree

A group of models for the first time in history will ramp walk 5667 m above sea level- at the base camp of Mt.Everest.This effort is to raise public awareness of climate change and air and environmental pollution.

The event is scheduled for January 26, Indian Independence day. The models are facing tough challenges in the first-ever ramp walk of its kind in history. The availability of Oxygen is limited to 25 percent and temperatures are the extreme of minus 40-degree C.

The event will showcase models using fully bio-degradable clothes and shoes and a water-less spay developed by Delhi IIT. The eco-friendly garments will completely degrade within months of disposal and the waterless spray is expected to save up to 8000 liters of water.

17 models selected went through strict physical fitness tests and the biggest immediate challenge for them is to reach till the ramp, before even placing the first stylish step on to it. They are required to hike and trek a distance of 140 km through the snow-clad mountain to reach up to the point.


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