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French President Macron gets annoyed by Israeli security, instructs to ‘get out’

French President Emmanuel Macron known for keeping his cool at the toughest of situations lost his temper during his Israel visit. The French President was annoyed when Israeli police and domestic security agents pushed past the French detail and were first to enter the Church of Saint Anne, which is French territory under international treaties.

“Everybody knows the rules. I don’t like what you did in front of me,” an animated Macron told the Israeli personnel, speaking in English, in the crush to enter the building.“Go out — outside please!” he added in a raised voice in scenes captured in video footage that quickly spread on social media. The Roman Catholic church, located at the start of Via Dolorosa in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, has been part of France’s territories in the Holy Land since the 1850s.

He was heard saying in a stern voice rules in place “for centuries… will not change with me, I can tell you, OK? So everybody, respect the rules.”


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