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‘Have zero sympathy for them’: Says Hangman tasked to execute ‘Nirbhaya rape’ convicts

Pawan Jallad, the hagman tasked to execute the four convicts of ‘Nirbhaya rape’ case has said that they will die the death of beasts and not human.

“The people who are going to die are like beasts, not humans,” he said to news agency AFP. “They are cruel people and that’s why they are going to lose their lives,” he added.

Pawan Jallad aged 54 is the third-generation hangman and father-of-seven. He is from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. Pawan Jallad revealed that he feels zero sympathy for the four men he is due to hang next month.

“Crimes will decrease only when there are executions. You give them life imprisonment, they appeal and they come out only to commit more crimes. People like them should be executed so others can learn a lesson that doing such things will give them an end like this.”

Pawan Jallad comes from generations of hangmen but this will be his first execution. His grandfather, who he fondly describes as his “guru”, hanged former prime minister Indira Gandhi’s assassins and two men over a notorious 1982 kidnap and murder.

He said that banana will be smeared on the execution ropes to soften them and ensure a smooth and quick hanging, and the men reportedly broke down when their necks were measured for the noose.

“People around me, including my family, have always treated me well, but after this execution, I’m certain respect for me will increase,” he said.


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