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Popular Front of India spent over 120 crore for anti-CAA protests

A investigation  by a   national news channel revealed that the  Popular Front of India (PFI) has spent around 120 crore for the  anti-CAA protests. This was reported by  India TV News.

Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh Police has accused that the Popular Front of India (PFI) was actively involved in the violent protests that take place in the state. The UP police revealed that they had enough evidence  for this. The UP police has arrested  25 members of the PFI in relation to the violence in the anti-CAA protests.

As per reports, 27 bank accounts were opened in the name of Popular Front of India. 9 bank accounts belong to Rehab India Foundation, an organisation which is associated with PFI and the same organisation has opened 37 bank accounts in the name of 17 different people and organisation.

The police carried out investigation in these 73 accounts and found ample evidence against PFI. Around 120 crores were deposited in these 73 accounts to dodge investigations. After deposits were made, the accounts were emptied leaving only nominal amount in them.

The reports also add that ever since the CAA was passed on 4 December, crores of cash started flowing in these accounts. Moreover, the depositors were instructed to deposit less than Rs 50,000 at one time. The origin of these funds is still unknown.

Additionally, the transaction dates in these bank accounts also match the dates of violence, which draws a clear connection between violent protests and PFI.



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