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“India belongs to citizens, not to one political party”,says Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev said that India belongs to 125 crore citizens and not to one political party or ideology.
“This country doesn’t belong to a certain political party or a political ideology. It belongs to 125 crore Indians. Only with great effort from each and every individual will we be able to become a superpower,” he said.

“Each member of the society will have to play a crucial role to fight against the negative influence affecting the country,” he added.

Speaking about protests against citizenship law CAA, Ramdev said,”The protest and demonstrations are taking place in the whole country with the intention to impede the harmony of the nation by anti-national forces.”

Ramdev also said that disruptive powers from outside would never want India to be economically, socially, politically and religiously stable. “Because of the disruptive forces, our economy is also getting affected,” he added.

Ramdev added that responsible citizens should create a positive atmosphere in order to lay a prosperous economic path for the country.


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