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Kutch University VC orders investigation on college’s menstruation check

The Kutch University VC has ordered an investigation on the alleged strip check of 68 woman students to confirm if they are in their periods. The incident happened at Shri Sahajanand Girls’ Institute run by a religious body that has very strict rules on menstruating women.

Sources have it that the College management wanted to find the students who entered the hostel kitchen and temple premises while on their periods. In another version of the story, the college authorities were in a combing operation to find the menstruating student after a soiled sanitary pad was found carelessly dumbed to the college garden. Students say they were paraded to the washroom one-by-one and were asked to strip down to their inner garments with four women, including the Principal Rita Raninga, checking for menstrual stains in the garments.

The incident is said to have happened on Monday at Shri Sahajanand Girls’ Institute and since then the girls started lodging their protest but the authority tried to silence them by threatening them that they will be expelled from the hostel.”For the past two-three days, we have been emotionally blackmailed by the authority who don’t want us to take up this issue,”said one student. The college authorities threatened to take strict action against the protesting students including there expulsion from the college.

“I couldn’t help but tell the media about it as it is absolutely wrong to treat our daughters in such a manner. I think the culprits should be dealt with stringent punishments. I am not saying that the rules should not be followed. We have no issues with the religious body and its rules but the teachers and principal must be punished for their inhuman behavior,” said the father of one student adding that his daughter is now in mental trauma.

Soon after the media coverage Kutch University VC  visited the girls hostel and a committee is formed to investigate the incident.


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