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Video of acrobatic waiter saving the dish platter while falling wins internet

A restaurant waiter keeping the tables for 3 years has won the hearts on the internet after he fell to the floor while he was carrying four meals—and he didn’t even drop a single plate. Many remembered Peter Parker’s iconic scene in Spiderman while he uses his spidey powers for the first time to save Mary Janes food tray.

24-year-old Jamie Showbridge was busy serving the orders during the usual afternoon rush when he fell facedown stepping on some peppercorn sauce. However, he somehow managed to keep hold of the plate he was holding in his left hand while somehow continuing to balance the three other meals he had been carrying on a tray in his right.

“One minute I was walking along with the plates and the next minute I was on the floor,” said Shoebridge. “I lost my footing and fell down face first.

The onlooker’s applause proves now the gentleman should seek work in a circus now.


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