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“Shaheen Bagh protests is an Organic protest by common people, No leader”,says Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi said the Shaheen Bagh protests are an organic uprising with no leader and political affiliation, but Indians gathered together to protect the constitution of the motherland.

Owais alleged that the CAA is discriminatory law and it has been internationalized and those opposing it are fighting to uphold the Constitution.”Shaheen Bagh is an organic protest and those opposing the CAA are fighting to save the Constitution,” he said. Asserting his parties stand, Owaisi said that discriminatory Citizenship laws should be discarded and steps to boost the economy should be implemented.

Owaisi said the implementation of the new Citizenship law will cost a burden of 65,000 crore for the nation and will displace at least 8 crore people from their land creating a global refugee spur. He added that the Center has explicitly cited its agenda of using CAA, NRC, and NPR interlinked to target a specific community.

BJP spokesman, Shudhanshu Dwivedi present on the meet agreed that the Shaheen Bagh protestors have no leader and gathering is of concerned people who do not trust any of the systems of religious clergy and political figures. Answering a question, Dwivedi said the Central government is not able to call the protestors to the negotiating table as they fail to entrust at least four leaders to hold the talks with the government.

Sudhanshu Dwivedi refused to answer questions on whether he supported the NRC.


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