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Haters claim bullied boy Quaden’s age as false, One post mutes them all

After the world wept with the bullied boy suffering from dwarfism, the haters in the net surfaced with toxic comments claiming both Quaden Bayles and his mother are fraudsters. Toxic comments soon flooded shaming Quaden’s heartbroken wail, to an outstanding acting skill!

The young Australian boy living with dwarfism captivated people all around the world after his mum posted a heartbreaking video showing the impacts of bullying. Yarraka Bayles, Quaden’s mother like all modern parents had posted each and every inch of growth of her dear child and it was on Wednesday, that she posted her son crying hysterically after being bullied terribly by his school mates. The footage shows the distraught nine-year-old boy in tears, saying he wanted “to die” because of the bullying he receives at school. A GoFundMe page to send Quaden to Disneyland has raised over A$656,000 ($684,400) with many celebrities including Hugh Jackman offering him support.

But the haters soon came up with comments that both boy and mother are pranksters and the actual age of Quaden in more than 18.The weird proof for upholding this claim was his vast following on Instagram and claims he had a post about his 18th birthday. The rumor instantly took off, forcing Quaden’s mum to share a post on Facebook that shuts down the reports, written by a woman who said she has “known Quaden since before this s**t blew up”.

“Ima (sic) say this once and that’s that. I’ve known about Quaden since before this s**t blew up. Yes, he’s 9! Dwarfism is not a joke, is he a model or actor? Many Social media users sprang to defend Quaden and asked haters to stop spreading toxic comments on the internet.

Apparently a user dig-out a video to defend little Quaden which was aired on TV @ 2015 when he was just 4 years old. The 2015 video shows a four-year-old Quaden appearing with his mum on Studio 10 to raise awareness for dwarfism. The 18 th birthday post which the haters poked as proof was a birthday bash of one of Quaden’s friends.

The haters also went on to shame Quaden and his mother, Yarraka Bailes, by posting a photo of her, allegedly enjoying a glass of wine with her Son. A search op revealed that it was another vicious work of hate mongers who cropped the bottle of sparkling apple juice placed beside Quaden -from the picture.

Quaden and his small family of aboriginal Australians often make and post videos to raise, awareness on Dwarfism and the problems faced by the indigenous aboriginal community.


The incident is one more testimony to the growing toxicity on the internet which gets exposed to the darkest nooks of the human mind, thanks to a false feeling of anonymity.



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