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‘Electrifying’- Trance movie review

Kavya Kamal

Power packed intro with mind grilling colours and music will settle into viewers’ mind in the start and it is to stay till the cinema ends. The journey of Viju Prakash, played by Fahadh Fazil, to Joshua Caltan will embark into a deeper sense as the movie begins.

Biju Prakash comes in as a hardworking bachelor who is constantly driven by positivism and Dunkirk spirit. He takes care of his family which includes only his brother Kunjyan, played by Sreenath Bhasi,  a depression patient. The family with two members lost their mother at any early age, leaves Kunjan with a shock and trauma. On the other side, Viju is a waiter in a hotel and an impressive part time motivational speaker.
The  track changes when a mishap happens in the family and leaves him in solitude, depressed and completely blue. That is when the story moves to Mumbai and his fate changes.

The first half drifts through vim and vigor of Joshua Kaltan, played again by Fahadh. He would sit in our minds and make us shout his emotion. The characters of Soloman Davis, Issac Thomas and Avarachan played by Gautham Menon, Chemban Vinod and Dileesh Pothan respetively, enter with mass and money.

However, the second half glides a little longer but manages to keep the audience glued. Nazriya, who is making her second appearance after her marriage with the movie’s co star itself,  does her job with such fineness. While mixing religion and drugs together, Anwar Rasheed has chosen a theme which in the times of intolerance had been barely touched.

The cinematography has been terrific and the BGM scores by Sushin Shyam and Jackson Vijayan is there for all the viewers to reach that ‘trance’. The performances by all the actors were worth appreciation but Fahad had his unrivaled version of himself in the cinema.

For anybody who would love to see some richness, vigor and entertainment, Trance is for you and it wouldn’t disappoint you!

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