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Indian man stalking and peeping on Apple CEO Tim Cook, gets sued

It all started during a chilly December morning when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple INC opened his door to find Rakesh Sharma standing with flowers and a bottle of Champagne at his doorstep. What started as an admiration soon turned to obsession when he showed up again at his property without permission.

Rakesh Sharma ( Rocky Sharma)was caught two times trespassing into Tim Cook’s mansion and peeping from whatever crevice he found in the walls, that Apple decided to take the matter to court. The man was soon given a restraining order wherein he was ordered to stay away from Cook’s residence in Silicon Valley and maintain a safe distance from his three security guards. The order is till March 3, following which there will be a court hearing.

On one instance of trespassing, he was caught peeping on to a restricted area of the mansion at around 10:30 PM, again with a bottle of Champagne and flowers in his hands. But his third attempt to peep on January 15, was foiled by the security staff who chased him off outside the perimeter wall.

On detailed inquiry, it was revealed that Sharma is actually a staunch critic of Tim Cook, and had posted comments threatening to shoo him. Apple security specialists are confused, as they testify that Apple as a brand has lovers and a few haters, but this kind of weird ‘Desi hate’, is witnessed for the first time.

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