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You can get Dh.3000 fine for these offences in UAE

You will be get fines and black points for traffic offences in Dubai. The Dubai police has pointed out some of the main offences which can lead to getting fines and black points.

They are the following:

1. Driving a vehicle without number plates

2. Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to driver’s life or lives and safety of others.

3. Rash driving a heavy vehicle. Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to public or private properties.

4.Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicles.

5. Heavy vehicle driver causing his or another vehicle to overturn.

6. Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicle’s load.

7. Not covering trucks’ loads

8. Overtaking from a prohibited place by trucks.

9. Transporting inflammable or hazardous materials without permission.

10. Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation.

11. Using three-wheel or more leisure bike on the road.


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