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Journalists heckled by Shaheen Bagh ‘protesters’: Video

The protesters at Shaheen Bagh has heckled journalists for reporting that there is no more crowd at the protest site. The incident was reported by OPIndia quoting India TV news.

The protesters at Shaheen Bagh has attacked India TV reporters on Friday.The ‘protesters’ attacked India TV journalists Meenakshi Joshi and Diksha Pandey after they pointed out that sirens are being used to assemble Muslim crowds on Fridays to intensify anti-CAA protests.

In the video, it can be seen that a protester was forcing ladies of Shaheen Bagh to not talk to the media and forcing them to leave the place. Later, the same crowd began to hound the reporter and asked her to leave the place. Similarly, another mob outside the Shaheen Bagh was seen hounding India TV journalist Diksha Pandey to force her to stop her coverage.

In another video, it can be seen that  Hijab-clad Muslim protesters at Shaheen Bagh attacked the India TV journalists and even attempted to destroy their camera for recording the visuals of Shaheen Bagh being empty.


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