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‘Lion’ found wandering in the streets,Police amused on finding the truth

People in a peaceful neighborhood of Spain skipped a beat when they saw a male lion roaming their streets. They ran to take cover from the beast and soon the streets were empty. Police and emergency services were alerted who rushed to the spot for civilian assistance.

The Spanish city of Molino de Segura was deserted by now. Police braved to have a closer look at the beast and where amused to discover that the mighty ‘King of the beast’ is, in fact, a big dog trimmed to look like a miniature lion. Some crafty manscaper has tried his skills to trim the dog’s fur coat to make the mane and hair pattern of an African lion.

Police captured the dog and scanning the microchip fetched the details of the dog’s owner. The dog is now returned to its rightful owner. The picture of the ‘lion’ however trended on social media and users came up with their version of fur styles for their won pets.


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