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Debunked: Truth behind boozed-out elephants in China

Video footage of a group of 15 elephants trespassing an abandoned cornfield in eastern China, to steal Corn wine has a short twist, and the news is deemed fake by Chinese media.

Although it is true that 15 strong elephant family’ had a good time’, drinking Corn liquor to their fill, the incident occurred in a village in Yunnan, China. The Jumbos were later pictured passing out in a tea garden after booze to their heart’s content. The tuskers gulped 30 liters of Corn wine, without even letting a drop in the drum. After the Booz, they tottered to the nearby tea plantation to have a good nap.

Elephants are known for their fondness for booze, with South African folklore stating that they are especially keen on the fermenting fruit of the marula tree, and gorge themselves on the bright golden berries until intoxicated.


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