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Know whether abstaining from sex will affect your libido

Dry spells in sex life is ordinary. But many have doubts that these dry spells in the sex life will affect their libido.

But as per experts, not having sex will not impact your libido biologically but abstinence from sex for a long time can have its own set of impacts.

A person’s  libido won’t decrease all of a sudden after the abstinence from sex  is over. A person’s libido changes over time and it is perfectly normal.

But there are many other reasons that can lower a person’s libido. Right from new medications, reflect to stress,  birth control and  menopause  all these can affect your libido.

Having sex regularly is important to keep your libido high, but that doesn’t mean that it will necessarily dampen your sex drive. If abstinence is long it might be difficult to get back on track at once, but not lower your libido completely. Also, it varies from person to person.



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