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How Gratitude, Love, and Connection Can Save Your Life during Covid-19

Virus !  is something which is edging between life and a dust particle. It shows no signs of life when it is isolated but takes over the command of its victim host cell and then shares its life force eventually taking the whole of it. For the virus, it could be well said that isolation is equal to its life or death. The realm of viruses springs to life when in proximity to a life form it can invade.

In a sense, the virus realm is imposing their justice to humankind. The nCov-2 virus is forcing the world to live in isolation. The humane methods to reduce stress and anxiety resulting from seriously difficult times-an embracing hug, seeing friends or visiting parents or grandparents- are exactly the same things we’re told not to do. For the time being, science has no answer to this dreaded disease-medicines and vaccines are not developed against it, Symptomatic treatment is the only known option left if tested Covid positive.

But being more human doesn’t necessarily mean the outward expressions of kindness. With evolution, human expressions are amplified with the inner sparkle of love, kindness, and gratitude losing its luster. We humans can reduce symptoms of anxiety, and even physical pain responses when we turn inwards and try to contain the spontaneity of loving expressions, letting out a small tip from the iceberg of happiness and love-a smile.

In a meta-analysis looking at a half-century of research, scientists found that both the act of smiling and seeing smiles can actually make people happier. Try it right now for yourself.

In another pilot study, scientists confirmed that altruistic acts—like charitable actions towards neighbors or strangers, altruistic giving, or donating blood—can actually reduce the physical sensations related to pain. Learning to be more human, maybe at times more important for life’s existence than oversimplifying it with science.



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