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Salon like skin and hair during lock down? Here is the tip

While many are getting way too comfortable in their skin without any salon touch, there are some on the other hand, who wonder what if the lockdown extends and the wait to hit the salon moves farther!

However, there are some tips which might make things a little easier at home to get that salon like skin and hair.

Have a look at some of these tips:

Water is the key!

With the coming summer season, there is nothing that can save you but water. Keeping yourself hydrated, well, is the ultimate measure for your body as well as skin.

As suggested by many beauty experts generally, drinking eight-glass of water is vital for your skin’s beauty and health. Good healthy skin can overshadow the glitters of any makeup.

Milk/curd/honey as cleansers for your skin

There might be a chance of a shortage of your favourite brand’s moisturizer, cleanser or scrub in the stores due to the lockdown effects.

However, a mixture of some readily available things at our kitchen can ensure to leave you without dry skin.

Having said that, go ahead with the mixture of products only after testing a bit of the made mixture in your wrist first to avoid any allergic contacts.

If you have dry skin, applying a small quantity of milk, with turmeric can help leave your skin soft. On the other hand, if already having oily skin, curd could be the replacement here.

Leaving ten minutes, twice a week can make you forget your favourite moisturiser.

For the skin scrub

Be it for your face or body, coffee, sugar, or oatmeal are some products to have a good exfoliating session.

A maximum of three tablespoons of coffee powder with yogurt, to dilute, can be a great scrub. Likewise, sugar plus honey, lemon juice, and oatmeal plus olive oil can help to remove the dead skin.
But never be go too harsh with the scrub, a light mixture and soft scrubbing for a few minutes will do the good.

For healthy hair

No spa can replace the effectiveness of the good old coconut oil massage. A good 10 to 15 minutes of oil massage can help your get rid of dandruff, dryness or frizzes.

Having a healthy mind, maintaining a good diet, regular exercise or yoga and a smile on your face is the ultimate remedy any day, every day.

A mountain full of confidence along with these small quick fixes is all you need to slay!


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