Setback to expats in Oman: Oman government’s new step will make many expats jobless

A new move move by the Oman government will make many expats living in the country jobless. The Oman government has decided to implement “Omanisation” in new sectors.

The Finance Ministry in Oman has asked state companies  to to replace foreign workers with Omani citizens. This was reported by Oman News Agency.

The new move is a part of “Omanisation” policy. The “Omanisation” policy aims at improving the number and quality of jobs available for Omani citizens.

Earlier, two weeks ago, the state barred private companies from trying to lessen the economic burden of the coronavirus crisis by firing Omanis.¬†It also urged private firms to ask non-Omani employees “to leave permanently” .

Oman is facing economic crisis as the slipping down of crude oil prices and the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak.




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