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‘To get booze you need Aadhar card’:High Court issues new guidelines for liquor sales

New guidelines for liquor sales has been issued by the Madras High Court. The Madras High Court has ordered to record the name,address and Aadhar Card Number of the buyer in  all liquor shops in the state. The High Court also refused to stay the re-opening of the government owned liquor shops in the state.

“We are of the opinion that we cannot totally prohibit the re-opening of the TASMAC shops for sale of Liquors, including Beer, Wine etc. in the State”, said the High Court in its observation on a PIL submitted. HC also ordered that the name, address and Aadhar Card number of the buyer be recorded in the bill.

“If any sale is found to be made in violation of this direction and such fact is brought to the notice of this court, that shop in question will be immediately closed and will not be allowed to be reopened, except by the specific orders of the Court”, said court. The HC has also limited the timing to sales to   10 am to 5 pm. The court also banned  bulk sales. Court also asked to  implement a token system and the installation of a public address system have also been issued.

The Court decreed that an individual could only purchase alcohol twice a week with a minimum gap of three days in between. Those paying online could purchase two bottles of 750 ml alcohol at a time while those paying through cash could purchase only one. Payment must  made through approved E-payment applications like RuPay, Bhim, Google Pay etc. and cash payment is to be made only when such facilities are not available.

The  time between 10 am-1 pm will be reserved for those above 50 years of age. Those between 40-50 years of age can by alcohol between 1 pm-3 pm and those under 40 will buy alcohol between 3 pm-5 pm.


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