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‘Arrest Indian non-Muslims who criticizes Islam under blasphemy laws’: Controversial preacher Zakir Naik asks Muslim countries : Video

Controversial radical Islamist preacher and Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) founder Zakir Naik has asked the Islamic  countries in the world to  collect data of non-Muslims in India who criticize Islam and arrest them when they land up in their countries and try them under the blasphemy law.

“I have to tell them that go a step further. I would request to keep a data bank on non-Muslims in India speaking against Islam. Those who are speaking against Muslims are hardcore activists of the BJP government and most of them are rich,”he can be heard saying in the video.

“Most of them. And most of them, the majority of the non-Muslims who travel, 50 per cent of them visit the Gulf countries or some Muslim country. I would suggest to the Kuwait lawyer that even collect the data of all negative remarks, abuses of non-Muslims In India and put it in a computer,” he said.

“Next time, when they come to the Gulf country- whether be it Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or UAE -now they have abused the Prophet which is not permitted by law, they have abused Islam, bring them to task, have a case, arrest them and put them behind bars,” the Islamist preacher added.

When this is done to five or 10 people, “believe me, (the) majority of them will stop because they travel to Muslim countries”, the IRF founder said.

If not the majority, at least 25 per cent will stop. Make it public we have a data bank. Don’t reveal the name. The moment they come, arrest them, take them to a court of law. Believe me, most of these people who are BJP bakhts (devotees), who are spreading venom against Islam, against Muslims, they will get scared,” he said.

He said this during a video interaction with controversial Pakistan-American preacher Yasir Qadhi.

“Most oils to India go from Muslim countries. Crude oil goes from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Nigeria. Natural gas comes from Qatar. Palm oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. Let them form a block and work collectively so that if they say anything against Islam or Muslims, we can be a beta force,” Naik said on his Youtube channel.

Zakir Naik is currently living in Malaysia as  is facing charges in India of provoking communal disharmony and indulging in unlawful activities that incited terror in the country.





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