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Law maker in a gulf country comes with a suggestion favourbale for expats

A parliament member in Bahrain has put forwarded a suggestion that is favourable for the expats living in the country. Mamdouh Abbas Al Saleh, the head of the Services Committee at the Bahraini parliament has raised the suggestion. He said that the cost of  treatment of expatriate workers should be borne by their sponsors.

“The state is responsible for providing medical treatment for citizens, but treatment fees of the expatriate labour and the holders of flexible work permits should be the responsibility of their sponsors or the workers themselves,” said Mamdouh Abbas Al Saleh.

“When the expatriate labourers feel the scale of responsibility and financial cost of treatment they will bear, this will increase their commitment to social distancing and observing preventive directives. But when they and their sponsors get the impression that treatment, housing and food are paid for by the state, this would make them lax and careless,” he added.

He also called for expediting the return of illegal expatriates to their home countries in coordination with their respective embassies in Bahrain.



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