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Jacinda Anderson shows her iron will,Smiles facing an earth quake during live show

The iron-willed PM of New Zealand Jacinda Anderson was on a live TV show when the nation was rattled by a powerful earthquake. The earthquake measured 5.9 on the Ritcher scale.

But the PM’s subtle response which was aired live through the Channel 3 Network was appreciated by the whole nation. New Zealanders proudly watched, how ‘Unshaken’ was their elected PM during the earthquake. Jacinda smiled and softly said “the stage is shaking behind me” and added ‘we all are safe’.

More than 180 people died in the 2011 earthquake which devastated New Zealand. The island nation is located close to the ‘ring of fire’ belt in the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier Jascinda won applause for the way her government handled the Covid crisis. The death toll in New Zealand was stopped to 21 in New Zealand and only one patient is being treated in isolation for Covid.



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