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Health ministries claim misplaced? India’s Covid recovery credited to BCG vaccination

The health ministry of India seems to be forced to a lower focal point after the 59 percent rise in Covid cases as the nation nears the end of lockdown4.0.The daily briefings abruptly stopped for a week only to resume on May 26-which highlighted the success of the nation in Covid recovery rate.

Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Aggarwal said that 4.4 deaths per lakh population have been reported for the world, while India has reported about 0.3 deaths per lakh population, which is among the lowest in the world.

India now stands as the tenth most affected country in the world with 1,58086 Covid patients and 4,534 deaths as of Wednesday’s tally. In infection rate India surpasses Iran, but with a lesser fatality rate which, the health experts attribute to the efforts of earlier Indian governments to push the BCG vaccination-the 100-year-old vaccination known to surprisingly reduce Covid fatality rate. Research is still on how the BCG reduces the Covid fatality.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan who promised zero cases on May 26, ironically took the pain in explaining the highest recorded single-day surge on the same day-the day when India crossed 1,50000 mark. In terms of cases, Assam has emerged as one of India’s fastest-growing states as migrant laborers return to their home towns.


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