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White House stoned, Riots push the US to chaos on second day of Floyd death

Riots turned out of control in the US with reported stoning in front of the White house. The White house premises are completely sealed and security forces took control of the area.

Atlanta demonstrations see tensions rise between police and protesters near CNN Center. Peaceful protesting continues near Centennial Olympic Park, as police presence appears to increase downtown. The demonstrators chanted anti-Trump slogans and held placards reading “Is it punishable to death to be born a black”.

The riots erupted after white policemen killed George Floyd, a man of color by kneeling over to his neck for over 7 minutes after cuffing his hands. The riots are spreading to several US cities with more than a dozen severely injured. A Police Officer in Houston was attacked by a projectile weapon and many officers were admitted to hospital. The video of patrol cars burning in front of the police station was reported by CNN.CNN affiliate KTRK reported more than 60 people were arrested after the protests in Houston, according to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

“Our officers who were attacked are in the hospital, patrol cars ruined, businesses damaged,” said Houston Police in their latest Tweet. “This is not who we are as a city and as a community. We will protect your right protest, but we will not allow our city to decay into chaos.”

Acevedo also said there were reports of looting and buildings with broken glass. The riots are pushing the US to near chaos as the Covid pandemic continues its death reaper role-claiming more than 1 lakh the US lives so far. Racial atrocities by white nationalists known with the slangĀ  ‘red necks’ have reached an all-time high in the US with the Trump administration’s pro-nationalist campaign.

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