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Violence as Trump rally clashes with racial injustice protestors in Tulsa

US President Trump’s first campaign march in Tulsa for upcoming November elections met a bloody start. The rally of Trump supporters came face-to-face with black lives matter protestors which quickly escalated the situation.

The street war again exposed wide gaps in the lousy handling of the situation by the administration. Reports suggest the police were already concerned that the Trump event could trigger violence in the wake of killings of Black people by police.

There were shouting bouts and ‘Black lives matter’ slogan was countered by the Trump supporters with ‘All lives matter’.The Trump faithful gathered inside the 19,000-seat BOK Center for what was believed to be the largest indoor event in the country since restrictions to prevent the Covid-19 virus began in March. Many of the president’s supporters weren’t wearing masks, despite the recommendation of public health officials to keep the coronavirus from spreading. Some had been camped near the venue since early in the week.

The racial justice protestors were sprayed with pepper spray during the scuffle. It is alleged that the police joined the Trump supporters in defending the protestors and fired canisters of gas to make the group disperse.

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