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A smart watch that detects Covid-19 infection early !

The Covid infection, in its early stages will have its impact on the heart rate, physical activity and sleep patterns of a patient in incubation period of the virus.Researchers has made use of this knowledge to efficiently couple a smart watch running a custom application called ‘Mass Science’.

This application is integrated with the smartwatch. It helps to monitor the signals of thousands of people in the study through the alarm system installed on the smartwatch.The biggest challenge faced by the authorities is that the virus will actively spread even during its incubation period-of 14 days.These 14 days the infected patient will have no noticeable symptoms of any disease.But the virus will be actively spreading and infect another human through contact -if Covid guidelines are breached.

Connor Henegan,the research scientist in fitbit succesfully integrated ‘Mass Science’ app on to smart watch.The minor changes in heart beat and sleep patterns will be detected by the sensors in the watch which will alert the user of danger.


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