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US shutters its consulate in Chengdu,following Houston order

The US says it has closed its consulate in Chengdu, China.The American flag was lowered at 6:30 am Monday morning as China ordered the consulate closed in retaliation for a US order to shut down the Chinese Consulate in Houston last week.

A statement from the State Department said that the consulate suspended operations at 10 a.m. on Monday. It expressed disappointment at China’s decision and said the U.S. would try to continue its outreach to the region through its other missions in China.Two trucks came in to vacate the facility and set-off in escort of cars with diplomatic number plates.

This is lowest peak of US-China relations after the two superpowers mended the relations in late 1970s. The world was cross-fingered when China declared suiting retaliation after US forces broke-in through the back door of Houston Chinese mission in US.China condemned the action in harsh words and said appropriate retaliation.Soon afterwards the Chengdu embassy was surrounded by Chinese forces which raised fears of two superpowers locking horns yesterday.

Both US and China accused each other for using their missions for espionage. Mike Pompeo explictly said Houston facility was a hub for Chinese espionage. China asked explanation to the US referring to Edward Snowden report ,making clear mention of Chengdu among the other US espionage missions carried out behind US embassies world wide.


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