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A kitten died after allegedly gang-raped by 7 teenage boys’ for a week

In a shocking incident, a kitten was gang-raped by a group of 7 teenage boys for over a week. The shocking incident was reported from Lahore in Pakistan. A Pakistan-based NGO named JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter has shared the news about the incident on their social media page.

As per the NGO’s report, a 15-year-old boy, along with his six friends, allegedly gang-raped the little kitten repeatedly for more than a week. Later, the kitten died and was then thrown in the nearby dumpster.

According to a post shared by a Facebook page, the poor little kitten was reportedly adopted by the family of the culprit where he abused it on a daily basis until she died after suffering from crushed internal organs.
Reportedly, following animal abuse, the cat could not eat, sit, or sleep due to trauma.


The veterinary doctors had recovered sperm samples and plastic bags from the animal’s body. According to them, the rape was so brutal that there was virtually no separation between the anal and the vaginal region. The post read that the abuse had damaged the kitten’s internal parts so severely that sperm and blood kept on leaking. Multiple plastic bags, allegedly used by the boys to rape the animal, were found in her body by the veterinarian.

A local girl who was suspicious about the abuse had kept an eye on the kitten and the boys. The girl had also reportedly offered the family to take the kitten but she was refused. The girl, under the assurance of anonymity, reported about the incident to the NGO.



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