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Toddler dies falling into water tank

In a tragic incident a 3 year old toddler died falling in to a water tank placed on the third floor of the house.The  happy family of Siyadri Sai and Lokeshwari,residing near to CM health center,KL Raunagar,Vijatawada were in  panic on Wednesday evening as their son Nikhilesh went missing.They started searching for him in neighborhood but the toddler was not found.

They recollected that the child often visits the water tank kept at 3 rd floor of the house and checked there.The body of Nikhilesh was found floating in the tank.The body was taken to a local hospital were the doctors declared the boy dead.

The small family of three were in preparation to celebrate the birthday of Nikhilesh after 3 days,on August 1.


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