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‘Reserve Bank of Kailasa’ ; “Rape accused”-Fugitive godman Nithyananda sets up a Bank”!!!! See video…

According to a recent development, ‘rape accused’, self-styled godman Nithyananda has set up a bank named ‘Reserve Bank of Kailasa’. As per reports, the currency of the bank will be announced on Ganesh Chaturthi. Several allegations have been made against Nithyananda over the last few years. Self-styled godman Nithyananda who has been accused of rape and confinement has announced that he is setting up ‘Reserve Bank of Kailasa’.The hearing of Nithyananda’s case in Ahmedabad has been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic but the next hearing of Nithyananda’s rape case is scheduled to be held this month in Karnataka.

“It’s all ready”.The bank has been set up for Nithyananda’s island country Kailasa. In a video, Nithyananda can be heard announcing that the bank and its economic policies are ready. The self-styled godman can be heard saying, “With the grace of Ganpati, we are going to be revealing all the absolute, complete details of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa and the currencies, it’s all ready. ”

The rape accused who has missed around 50 court hearings can be seen rejoicing in the video as he says that a 300-page document regarding the economic policy, exchange of currency and its use is ready. The godman adds that he has signed an MoU with a country that has agreed to host the Reserve Bank of Kailasa and that the establishment is legal. The rape accused added, “The Reserve Bank of Kailasa in legitimately already established.”

Nithyananda was accused of rape in 2010 and was granted bail. The bail, however, was cancelled by on February 5, 2020, by the Karnataka High Court. The self-styled godman, who was believed to be on a spiritual tour in February this year has also been accused of illegally confining children at his Gujarat ashram.



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